Pocket the Winner

As proof of our great success rate in South African Horse Racing some of our happy members have sent us these testimonials.

I have been were all punters were down and joined a few services, won’t mention any names but the big one in all the books, lol, it just never made me any profit and the layout was huge no value at all, but then I came across Pocket The Winner, and WOW I will stay here for the rest of my punting life.  PTW team just love what they do and always helps me, when I need something or need info on what is going on in the racing. PTW is great and such a underrated service. I have made good money on his value bets and till this day I have no idea how they get those 20/1 and nice value.

For all punters looking to bet smarter and to start getting some help and winning tips I really do recommenced Pocket The Winner. You can not go wrong with this dedicated team! And what is better then 55% off! after your first month the money you pay is peanuts for what you get.

~ Kristiea

I Rishi Brijlal has been an active member of Pocket the Winner since it has been launched.

I was introduced to this tipping service by my friend who I met on the SA Racing App. He had been tipping on the app and his strike rate of tipping winners and exotic bets was exceptional. I knew that if I joined his tipping service that it would certainly be profitable to me, and it was so.

He’s famous for tipping the straight line place accumulator bet which he is very successful in.

I have been with other tipping services but the perms are huge for the exotic bets, so although u may be catching the bet, the investment for return is not so great.

Guys/Gals of all ages I urge you to join this service if you are looking for a great tipping service with great returns. You won’t regret it.

~ Rishi Brijlal

As a proud member of Pocket the Winner,  I would recommend any punter to join this winning team, and the owner of Pocket the Winner is always there to assist you with any info you need regarding a race. I would say the monthly payment to pocket is worth it, he proved it over and over with a winning rate of more than 80% on his value, best bet not to mention his perms. Great job Tim and all the effort you put in.

~ Nicky

I’ve been with PTW for a few months now and I can promise you their tips are outstanding. The exotics are affordable and the best thing about PTW is the personal touch that no other tipsters have. I want to congratulate the PTW team for the great work and late nights they’re putting in. Well done.

~ Andries Liebenberg

For me it is not only about good information and value for money but about the personal touch received from the team of Pocket the winner. They avail themselves to assist you with any information you might require regarding the sport. A very professional and committed team that has to be recommended.

~ Anonymous

I have been a member of two other tipping services for the past two years.The perms were huge with very high capital outlays.Profits were inconsistent and far apart .I came across PTW while searching for better tips with better and profitable results and would like to say that for the past few months I have been a member,I finish more in the green than in the red,especially with their “blue bets”.There is also a personal touch about the service,through personal engagement and sharing of information on social platforms.I will definitely be a member for a very long time and anyone serious about punting and looking for profits should try this service. Thanx as always